Senior Photos

Submitting Senior Photos

Class of 2021: RHS will ONLY be accepting senior pictures from Studio One by Vince Palazzolo. No other studios will be accepted.

You have the following options:

1) Make an appointment at Studio One by Vince Palazzolo before November 2 to get a photo in studio and be able to chose your picture and get multiple poses.

2) Get a headshot taken by Studio One at one of the 2 days they will be set up at RHS in Nov. or Dec. These will cost $10 for the picture or $20 if you would like to be included in the class composite (Class composite is an 11X17 print of the class’ senior pictures that is given at graduation.)

3) If you cannot afford or do not want to get a headshot senior picture from Studio One, we will be using your Lifetouch ID pictures, so be sure to take that photo seriously.

In order to make this possible for ALL STUDENTS, RHS and Studio One will offer multiple options including:

  • Package discounts for our students
  • $25 quick sessions at the studio with multiple poses (reserve this summer)
  • $10 and $20 in school opportunity with Studio One
  • Lifetouch ID Photo usage for all students who do not take a senior portrait. 

This process will allow us to ensure consistent picture quality as well as making sure we get every senior that wants to be in the yearbook photographed in a timely fashion.

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